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Database of the public and legal notices published in Florida newspapers including legals, probate, foreclosure, and all public notices. Public notices for Miami and West Palm Beach including tax deeds, legal ads, and newspaper public notices.

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Crime News | Miami Herald Crime news, and opinions from The Miami Herald newspaper in South Florida.

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100 Things to Do in Broward County Before You Die | New. Florida tends to remain on the receiving end of many a cruel joke, due to its comically unfortunate shape, its geographic positioning, the subtropical heat, and its weirdo populace. (Us!) Those of us who live here know how to take it. Heck, we're laughing the loudest — when we're not...

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A joyful day in prison: Inmates united with children. Children from Miami, Palm and Broward were given a chance to see their loved ones, celebrate the Fourth of July, at Martin Correctional Institution on Tuesday.

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South Florida Music News & Events - southflorida.com Check out the latest in South Florida music

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Broward Judges Courtesy of New York Times | J.A.A.B. Blog But Broward — a heavily Democratic county of 1.8 million people with many judges who are the children, spouses, siblings and fraternity brothers of other judges and some of the region’s most powerful people — seems to be ground zero for allegations of judicial misconduct.

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Broward County Officials Opened 66 Investigations Of. The Broward County State Attorney's office launched over 66 misconduct investigations by Sheriff's deputies going back to 2012, reports Journalist and Fox News contributor Sara Carter.

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